The Walter Lantz Story with Woody Woodpecker and Friends

The Walter Lantz Story with Woody Woodpecker and Friends
Joe Adamson (Author), Frank Capra (Introduction)
254 pages
Publisher: Putnam (1985)
This is the story of a master craftsman and innovator. Best known as the creator of Woody Woodpecker, the mischievous cartoon character, Walter Lantz is an animator, producer, and philanthropist. In this highly entertaining biography, you'll witness not only the development of a gifted artist but also the growth of the cartoon industry into a multimillion-dollar business. A behind-the-scenes account of animation from its inception during the early years of this century up to the present day, it chronicles technical developments such as simultaneous sight and sound and Technicolor. Against this background unfolds the story of a talented artist with imagination, determination, and a little bit of luck. Truly the dean of American animators, Walter Lantz was recently presented with an Academy Award for special achievement, after sixty years of service in the entertainment industry.